The Professional: Dexter Morgan

Big thanks to UTurn Studios for being so easy to work with. I know Dexter wasn't the best behaved subject to use.


TV Talk

Finally this past weekend I caught up on most of the shows on our TIVO. Sad to say I did get rid of a couple.  The ones that didn't make the cut

All-American Muslim- I really enjoyed this show, I just have too many shows and not enough time.

Once Upon a Time- I loved this show, the actors in it are great, the story line had me interested, but just not enough. I am trying to spend more time reading, doing projects around the house, arts and crafts, and one less show to watch gives me time for those things.

American Horror Story- I can't believe I did it,eek. This show has been talked about, ranted and raved about and I just deleted it. I might try to pick this one up again, once it hits the DVD, only time will tell.

On to the ones I caught up on.

Dexter- of course I love this show, my son is named after this TV show. I wasn't really sure where the show was headed earlier this season. I wasn't sure about this Doomsday killer thing. In fact, I almost stopped watching earlier because of it. I will share that Edward James Olmost, scares me like no other, full on hebejebes here. EEK. I didn't think Colin Hanks could freak me out as much as he did. annnnnd on to the ENDING.OMG! OMG! OMG! I won't spoil it for you who haven't watched it but WHOOAAA, seriously for reals.

Revenge-Everyone is talking about this show, and for good reason. I love it. I love the idea, I love the cast, the story lines. It keeps you guessing. I love that in a show. I can't wait to see where it goes in the new year. Not gonna lie, I can understand why a girl would want to get back at all those people. They took her dad from her and that cute doggie. For sad!

Pan Am- I love this show for the throwback to the 60's. The clothing, the sets, the boys and the pretty gals that play the stewardess. I like how it has incorporated some historical events into the show, things with JFK and the Cold War. The clothing, I would die for a wardrobe like these gals have, super cute shoes, accessories, handbags, and the bright clothing I LOVE IT ALL! I have heard that it may be cancelled, I sure hope not. I don't really know where they can go with the story, but I hope they find a direction.

Sister Wives- Okay I know, why? I dunno how this show has sucked me in. I think its so odd that they would willingly go into a relationship with a man who is already married. I guess that is the way they do things or are raised... or both. They always say they aren't jealous of each other, and yet in their individual interviews they talk about being jealous of someone spending time with Kody.  Not gonna lie that baby that Kody and Robin had was pretty stinking cute. I can't say I enjoy the name, but to each their own.

I still have Grimm to catch up on. I hope to do that before we head home for Christmas. If you haven't watched that show  DO IT! I really like how they have incorporated The Brothers Grimm and made it present day. I also love that it's directed/and or produced by Joss Whedon, he did Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Pretty much worship him.

What are you watching? What are your favorite shows?


Dexter and Larry

If you haven't already guessed by now, Dexter is the apple of our eye. He's so spoiled!

He has more toys, treats, and blankets, then you can imagine.

Seeing that its Christmas we had to get him a little something. Since we haven't had too much extra cash to get him something extravagant, we decided to get him a puppy bed and just one toy. He isn't so sure about this bed. He would rather be in ours. Larry seems to like it.

I really have tried to cut back on buying him toys. Every time we went out to the store he got one. Its (somewhat) working.

We also name all of Dexter's toys. Don't ask. we're odd. We know. Thus, Larry the Lion was born.

Here he is:

He's pretty handsome

The really cool thing about Larry is that in each of his paws there is a squeaker, and one big one in his belly. Dexter goes nutso! 

Merry Christmas from Dexter and Larry!


Christmas Ornaments

Since its a week away from Christmas I thought I would share some of my favorite Christmas ornaments.

First, U of M football, we are HUGE Gopher fans. HUGE! So last year I got this ornament for Ryan. Being our first Christmas together I thought this was fitting. Since we fell in love over many Gopher games and chats about Gopher sports. 

This one I bought last year since it had the year of our first Christmas together. It was the end of the season and I had kinda forgot to get an ornament saying "First Christmas together".

My BFF Patricia is the best ornament giver, she always finds such cute ones. We try to exchange an ornament ever year, last year was no exception. She know about our love of our fury baby Dexter Morgan, so she got us this.

In 2009, she sent me this super cute one. We've been BFF since 7th grade. This was so perfect for us both!

Lastly, this one I love because I love anything having to do with Peace. Peace signs, world peace, you name it. Christmas is a great time to think about Peace in the world and to make a wish that someday it will happen.

What are some of your favorite ornaments? 



My current obessions

I have some great ideas for a blog running around in my head. Problem is I'm kinda hyper today and I don't think they would turn out very well.

So today you're going to find out my current obsessions. In no particular order.


TV Show






TGIF Ya'll! Have a great weekend!


Utter Christmas Chaos

Okay so I might be exaggerating the Chaos part, but it sure felt like it. Saturday night around 10 o'clock I was uber bored. We were just hanging out at the house watching re-runs of 48 Hours Mystery and Dateline, probably not the best thing for me to do before bed. I get scared easily.

So in my usual fashion (of starting a project late at night), I wanted to wrap all the gifts we had.   Ry just wasn't in the mood for this.  As usual he quickly got in the mood and helped my get the wrapping paper, gift bags, and tissue paper.

For some reason Dexter really enjoys being involved with wrapping gifts.

 With four other dogs in the house they all got in the spirit to.

I attempted to take a picture of our tree in the chaos. It looks as if its going to fall over. Lucky that's only happened once so far :)

Merry Christmas!


Christmas Spirit and Christmas Wishes

Its been really hard since moving down to Missouri to get into the Christmas spirit. Being from the Mini-Apple, Frozen Tundra, whatever you'd like to call it, I am really missing the cold weather and snow. Strange that I am missing snow. Ish, I never thought I would utter those words. ha! Yesterday Ry and I went out to run some errands and such, we got to talking about how its difficult to be in the mood for Christmas with no snow, and warmish weather. (It was about 45ish yesterday, and they say it will be 50 or so for the next couple days.)

I really am trying to get excited for Christmas, but than I think about something a mere five days before Christmas, my 30th birthday. yup freaking out. Well freaking out doesn't even describe it, I'm utterly terrified. I don't really know why I am so scared to turn 30. The only thing I can think of is I figured I would be married, with 2.2 kids, the dog, the white picket fence and the mini-van. Don't get me wrong I am very, very, very happy about where my life is now, I just need to stop worrying about where other people (older and younger) are at in their life.

Enough of my poor me I'm turning 30 crap. ha. For the first time in a long time I made a Birthday/Christmas wishes list. I'm making this list more for my-self so once I get to a place where I can buy things for my pretty little heart I can refer back to this list.

Here goes:

 OPI nail polish, I have a slight obession with it, you can refer back to this post OPI Obsession to read all about it.

Victoria Secret anything, I love the bronzer from there, the undies, the lipgloss, the perfume, you name it, I love it.

Books, I have a gazllion books I want to read, buy, etc. I just love the thought of having great books to pass on to our children (if we ever get there) and the niece and nephews.

Camera, I know I just got this fabulous camera before my visit to New Mexico with my mama, to see the bestie, but I really want a fancy schmancy one with a long lens and such.

IPAD2, I've been dreaming about this baby often and for a while now. I think they would be so handy and faboulous to own. eep

Clothes, before we moved down here I got rid of a TON of clothing, I didn't want to have to move stuff that I hadn't worn for a while. Now I with the new job I have to wear dress work clothing again. I need more of that fun stuff, pants, shirts, new bras, shoes, and throw in some fun stuff like MSU, U of M sweatshirts and some fabulous jeans.

I hope you get all the things you wished for this Christmas and lots of love and happiness.


finally...our Holiday card is done.

It normally doesn't take me this long to get a Holiday card picked out. This year with the move, the new job and the fact that I felt that we didn't have any great photos for the card, we just hadn't gotten around to  getting ours ordered.

We still have to get them sent to us, addressed and mailed out. I feel so behind. I hope everyone gets them before Christmas.  If not, they can stare at this one till there's arrives :)  Oh and of course we used Shutterfly (again) we use them for all our photo, card, stationary, etc. needs.

Well here she is:
Candy Cane Stripes Christmas
Turn your favorite photos into Christmas cards at Shutterfly.
View the entire collection of cards.


O Christmas Tree

Every day after Thanksgiving I get uber excited to set up the Christmas tree. This year was no exception. Ry was not as excited about our Christmas tree adventure. He was a great sport about going into the attic to grab all the boxes and the tree.

We had thought we were going to put the tree in one corner of the living room;  however, after sitting around staring at the tree for a couple hours, we moved it to the other corner. In the process of the move, one strand of lights went out. I was really bummed and frustrated with the tree. I wasn't going to fix it. Here she is, in all her glory, with one strand out:

 Ry knew I wasn't going to give the tree another shot, so he took it upon himself last week (while I was at work) to re-do her. She looks a million, trillion, billion times better. Such a great surprise!

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos. My lovely new camera and its settings are messing with the lights on the tree.

Crock pot Sundays

So for the past couple weeks (on Sundays) Ry and I have been pretty lazy, with football being on and all. I don't really care to watch the football on Sundays, NFL football players really annoy me. He is a HUGE Minnesota Vikings fan and they aren't so good this year ( for anyone that follows NFL football).

So the best way I know how to get through another Sunday of a Vikings loss, is to prepare some food. Last Sunday we had cheddar and pepper jack cheese, he had swine (aka Ham), and we popped in some pre-made meatballs from Target, with some Kraft Honey BBQ sauce. Of course I didn't take any pictures. BOO!

This week I decided to step things up a notch. I saw a reciepie on Pinterest for Beer Cheese dip. However, it didn't really have exact measurements. So I had to wing it.

Beer Cheese dip
2 cups of sharp cheddar cheese/shredded ( or any cheese you enjoy)
1 8oz package of cream cheese (make sure its at room temperature)
1 cup of any beer you like (we used Coors Light)
1 packet of Ranch dip mix

I mixed everything together in a bowl, before putting it in the crock-pot.  I let it cook for an hour or so. It could have been heated for longer if desired.  I served with bread and tortilla chips. We are defiantly doing this one next weekend!

We also made the meatballs again. They are the frozen pre-made store brand Target meatballs. We used about 3-4 of a bottle of Kraft Honey BBQ sauce. You can use it with any BBQ sauce you like. I just prefer Honey. Those cook on high in the Crock-Pot for about an hour or two. Depends on when you are ready to eat. Nothing to difficult with this. Just make sure if you keep them on high to stir often.

Next week, Ry is making his amazing Spinach-Artichoke dip, it's to die for!


Dear Santa,

Saturday after I got done working my first Saturday with the new job R, Dex and I headed over to the only Petsmart in Springfield.  Our goal to get a super duper uber cute picture with Santa and Dexter. I am a bit late on getting my Christmas cards ordered this year and I thought it would be great to have him with Santa on them. Last year we got a really cute photo with Dex and Santa. He was shaking uncontrollably and scared out of his paws but we got it.

This year we went and Santa didn't even look like the real Santa. No Santa hat and a fabulous looking Casio watch. I thought Santa would have had a nicer watch ;)
Without holding you in suspense here is Dexter with Santa:

Because I was so upset with this years picture I wanted to show you his first Santa photo (when he was a pup) and wasn't so scared of Santa.