Obsessed much?????

Moving down to Missouri we haven't had a lot of extra cash for fun things. So I've had to find little ways of still being able to enjoy some of the little things I have become accustomed to in Minneapolis. One thing I really liked was getting my nails done. I always enjoyed going into the nail salon and picking out an OPI color. I love OPI, http://www.opi.com/. So I didn't have the 30 dollars to go in every two weeks and get a manicure.

I had been purchasing some books on amazon.com and something else caught my eye. Mini OPI nail sets. They usually come in three- four colors in a mini set. This way I can get tons of colors for cheap, and change my color anytime I please. Therefore, killing two birds with one stone, saving money and getting a new color every two weeks. Amazon.com has some ah-may-zing deals on these sets, and they are deeply discount compared to what you would purchase them in stores.

I was spoiled up in Minnesota and being so close to so many places that sold OPI products, down here I have to drive at least 40 minutes to get my OPI fix.