Dexter we're not in Minnesota anymore...

We finally made it down to Missouri after a great weekend spending time with family in Iowa. I hadn't ever spent that much time in Iowa, the best things in Iowa are Ryan's sister, Amanda, and her two kids, Isiah and Hailey. She has a great boy-friend who has a son named Ethan. He has wayyyy to much energy, but once again a great thing about Iowa. We can't forget Ryan's dad and his friend Michelle.
Growing up I wasn't that close with my dad and since he passed away when I was 11 I won't have a chance to become close with him. It's great to see Ry with his dad, I call him "Big Papa", I see where he gets some of the cute and annoying things he does.

It was great that on the way down my Mama got to come with us for the trip and stay for a week and help set up the house. She got a great flight deal for a one-way ticket back to Minneapolis for $75 bucks.

She loves Dexter A LOT, and I'm pretty sure he feels the same way about his Grandma. She was nice enough to Dexter-sit for us once we got into Springfield so we could check out the town.

Neither Ry or myself had been to Missouri before we moved down here. Its a much larger change than we had anticipated. One of the good things about Springfield is the amount of Waffle House resturants. We got into town late on a Sunday night and not much was open for din din. We had seen Waffle House in movies and tv shows before, but never actually eaten at one. So, our first night in Springfield for dinner was Waffle House. Let me tell you it was AMAZING!!!! For how cheap it is, how fast the service is and how good it was I couldn't have asked for more. ANNNDDD its open 24 hours, even better.

I'm pretty sure I got some strange looks from other customers and the servers when I busted out the camera and took some pictures of the food, but here they are. Enjoy!!!!

The pancakes are pretty much to die for. YUM! I can't wait for us to go back.

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