See ya Minnesota

Sorry again for such a backlog of posts. Once we moved down here I was just trying to get the house set up, painted, and pretty. I didn't blog like I should have.

So, if you don't recall, we decided to move down to Missoura to help Ry's dad. He bought the house for himself, but some things changed right around closing time, so he ended up staying in Iowa for a little longer.

We didn't have a whole lot going on up in Minnesota. With me being unemployed, we decided to move out of state at least once in our life. I was excited to cross it off the "bucket list".

So we had to say good bye to our great friends and family and started our Missouri adventure. We had an amazing going away party at a bar in Minneapolis before we left. Here are some of the faces we've been missing since we moved away.
Josh (Ry's Cousin-in Law), me and Crystal (his amazing cousin)

Two of my very favorite people, Miss Gina (the BFF), me and Kelli

Ry and his good friend Nic

Nic, me and Stacy (Ry's best-friend's fiance)

Ry and some of his softball gang

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