Happy Halloweenie!!!

I sit and write this as our first trick-o-treater got some great candy from us. Halloween is my favoritest holiday in the whole wide world. I am quite bummed this year by the lack of Halloween festivities I took part in. Being in Missoura we don't really know where all the cool things are. We didn't really decorate or even buy a pumpkin (tear).

The one fun thing we did do was to get Dex a great costume. Last year he was a little devil.

This year a "bad dog". I did manage to get some great pictures of him in his costume. As promised:

I am bummed that Ry and I didn't get to do anything fun or dress up. That just means I have 365 days to figure out a great costume for us next year.

Last year Ry had to work so we didn't get to do anything. I went out with some girl-friends but didn't really enjoy my thrown together costume of a school teacher bitten by a vampire.

I better get back to passing out the candy. We've had so many since I started writting about ten minutes ago. Ry had to run to the store to get more candy, we are almost out! Worst thing that could happen on Halloween.

Happy Halloween!!!!!!



  1. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those pictures of your furbaby as a "bad dog" are hilarious! He looks like he is posing for a mug shot!!!!! ahhhhh, that is the greatest! I dressed my bella up as a cowgirl and well, she kind of hated it. But I loved it! haha

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  2. Ha thanks. I just took about 5-6 pictures of him and they turned out perfect. He did his own modeling in the pictures. ha!


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