We're Tourists

Our 4th of July weekend was spent in Milwaukee for Ry's co-worker's wedding. I normally don't spend the 4th in Minnesota. I have a bad memory from several years ago that happened on the 4th and I think it just makes me want to get out of dodge. So this year was no exception.

The only downside was Dex was left with his grandma and it was his birthday weekend. boo!

We headed out early on Friday morning over to Wisconsin, not really on my "bucket list" of places I have to get to but it was great to spend a whole weekend with Ry.We rode with Ry's coworker Rob (or as I like to call him while intoxicated, Roberto) along the way we picked up Eric and had six hours left to drive there.

The only time I had been to Wisconsin was to hit up Wisconsin Dells when I was younger. I had spoke to several people before about going to Milwaukee and they had told me nothing really that exciting was there. I figured this can't be the case, it has to be somewhat cool. Well it wasn't. We got into town around 2pm or so and hit up the Pabst mansion. It was a really fun tour of a 20,000 sq ft mansion made for the founders of Pabst beer. You couldn't take pictures inside so we got stuck with just a couple outside.

It was located down by Marquette University which was so pretty. We walked a mile or so to our hotel and came across these very cool statues that lined the streets, along with the fantastic looking library downtown.

Friday night the crew from Ry's work was going to meet downtown at the bars. We never got there. Ryan wasn't feeling so hot, we stayed in the hotel ordered some great food and hung out. Saturday morning we woke up early to get some breakfast and explore the city some more before the wedding. A couple blocks from our hotel was a fun little shopping center in the city. The shops on Grand was really cute. Not many stores I would have shopped at but still fun. It was a great weather weekend so we walked back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding. I was really excited to see Ry all dressed up in his suit.

My guy cleaned up well!

Cute wedding for the happy couple Josh and Tara. I wasn't really able to get any pictures of them. I didn't take many the whole weekend-SURPRISE! Ry was thankful for that. Here are a couple of the ones I did take. The reception was a at great place right on Lake Michigan. it was so pretty at night to be able to see the city!

Sunday morning we were more than ready to head home to Minneapolis. We wanted to see Dexter and sleep in our own bed. Not very impressed with the Ramada Hotel in downtown. So don't stay there! HA! Like Ry said "if we never go back to Milwaukee ever again, he would be okay with that", I second that.


Happy Birthday to you Dexter!

This is going to be a quick little post filled with lots of pictures. Today is Dexter's 2nd birthday! He was born July 2, 2009. Oh and I just realized it's his golden birthday. eep! Anywho,

Ry and I are in Milwaukee this weekend for the wedding of Josh and Tara, so we can't be at home with little Dexie Rexie. SAD! I told him we would celebrate when he gets back. I am going to get some little party hats, cupcakes and ice cream. Hopefully, the neighbor kids who love him so much can celebrate with him too.

That being said here are a bunch of my favorite pictures of the little guy, or boy boy as we like to call him.