"Why did you name your dog after a (fictional) serial killer?"

So today is Father's day, this holiday doesn't mean too much to me, since my father wasn't really in my life and he has since passed away. I always wanted to have a great relationship with my dad it just never worked out.

For now I settle with the relationship that Ryan and Dexter have. Ryan is such a proud Papa when it comes to Dexter, he really loves that little guy. Even though when we first met he said "a dog under 20lbs, doesn't really count as a dog". Since then his feeling on Dexter have changed A LOT. He really is such a good puppy Papa.

Being a good puppy Papa would make for an amazing dad. Even though we are not sure yet if we want to have babies I love the idea of him being their dad.

This picture is kind of one of my favorites of the little guy. Ryan is a HUGE Minnesota Twins fan and Dexter is his little guy, its just a perfect picture!
Thankfully, (for some people) the Twins are back on track just a couple weeks ago they were the worst team in baseball and 20 games back from .500. They are now just eight games back from being the top team in the division and I think about six games back from .500.

I am not a huge Twins fan, I prefer to cheer for the Boston RedSoxs. Ryan doesn't seem to enjoy this very much. I became a RedSoxs fan back several years ago when they would always lose the the Yankees in the American League Championship game. It was such a bummer to see them do so well and throw it all away.

I also enjoyed looking at Doug Mientkiewicz, he was a Twins player who was traded to the RedSoxs in July 2004.

I really became a fan of Boston then. Boston is now the leading team in the East (which I love).

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  1. I adored you until you said Yankees suck. I don't think we can be friends anymore.


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