Where is Dexter's dad?

Today I came home from doing the remodel at my mother's house and the neighbor kids stopped me. I hadn't seen them in a while, since we have been so busy. They really love hanging out with Dexter ( or as they call him "Debster"), they chase him, he chases them, they throw a tennis ball to him and other things kids do with dogs. Usually Ry is with me when I see the kids, tonight he was busy at work. Of course they had to ask me "where Debster's dad was at?" I told them he was busy at work, then they had to ask "why wasn't I at work?", seeing as I'm unemployed I didn't want to say that, so I told them " I had to stay at home and take care of Dexter", they then told me that "their mom works and stays at home with them". OUCH! I seriously had nothing more I could say. Seriously kids really do say the darn-est things.

We have been so busy with stuff going on, trying to get our place packed up and orgaznized, trying to do a garage organization at my mom's house, build a patio and a fence, and make her craft room all pretty so she has something do to when she isn't missing me dearly while we're in Missouri.

Last week I had so much going on with friends, which is great, since I am trying to see everyone before I am gone.

Tuesday night Miss Gina and I went to the Taylor Swift concert. I had seen her live back last year and she wasn't so great. Thankfully, this time around she was WONDERFUL! I was so impressed with her live vocal singing, even if I did spend some of the time wondering if she had been lip synching or something. Needless to say she wasn't and the concert was full of set changes, costume changes, and she came and sang right up by us. We paid a lot for the tickets and we defiantly got our moneys worth.

Wednesday night I was able to have a "puppy play date" with Alexis and her dogs, Remy, Roxy and Aries. Dexter LOVED IT! he had so much fun being over there. He got to see his first bunny. He wasn't so sure about the bunny. HA!

I also got to enjoy some cocktails with my favorite former co-workers from OATI, Alexis, Laura, Nilsia, and Amanda. I miss those girls so much. We had a blast watching youtube videos, music videos and talking.

And so the busy week continued, we didn't stop doing stuff over at my mom's last week, even with all the evening activities. I was so exhasted when Friday came around I wanted to just stay at home and hang out with my boys, but that wasn't going to happen. We had Ry's best -friend Mike's surprise party. Mike has been one of Ryan's friends since middle school, I think. We actually met since Mike dated one of my friends for a couple years. They kinda set us up. I like to think it was all because of Facebook, I will save that story for another posting.

Anywho, his new girlfriend an awesome girl named Stacy, had a wonderful surprise party in the works for him seeing as that it was his "golden birthday". With Ryan working so much lately at my mom's and the bar it was great for him to kick up his feet and relax with his friends. I haven't really met a lot of his friends because we never get to see them, since he was always working. The party was out in Waconia, where the guys grew up. Mike really loves baseball and it was all basebally themed. Very cute. We were even asked to wear our best Baseball attire.

The food was so great, stuff you would find at the ball park. Hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, beer, cracker jacks. It was all so good. The birthday cake was super cute with baseball themed cupcakes to go with.

Finally Ryan was having a great time with his friends. The night was a success! Stacy did a great job at planning the party, we were thankful for the invite.

Another full week of fun is coming up, I have the Jack's Mannequin concert tomorrow night. and catching up with some other friends this week before we leave Friday morning for Milwaukee!!!! This will be the first "vacay" Ryan and I have taken together. eep so excited! Sad that Dex isn't going along. Hopefully I will be better this week at blogging.

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