TV Tuesday Roundup

For most people Mondays are back to the grind of work, etc. Most people probably don't get as excited about Mondays as I do. My Monday nights are packed with great TV shows.

One of my most favorite shows is "Hoarders". I am so fascinated by these people. I don't understand what they are thinking by keeping old newspaper clippings, or 100 animals. Tonight was the season premiere and very sad. This episode had to do with older women who one hoarded dolls, and the other hoarded trash. They both had no heat in their house, one had no running water or indoor plumbing. Just awful to know that some people in the United States live like this. I have never wished that I could help these people as much as I did tonight. I might not be able to watch this show anymore. It is starting to affect me. ugh. I feel drained just by watching this show tonight.

After watching that show and feeling so drained by it, I decided to watch the season finale of "Nurse Jackie" with Edie Falco. I just love this show. If you haven't seen it you must. This is now the third season and they have been picked up for a forth season. YES!!!! Edie Falco plays a nurse who is addicted to pain killers and is cheating on her husband with the pharmacist at the hospital she works at. Being the season finale there was a big cliffhanger, I thought I knew what it was going to be and sure enough, I was right. Jackie's husband was cheating on her! She thought all along he was going to come to her and tell her he know about her affair. Oh side note, the pharmacist she was having the affair with became friends with her husband. Talk about messy. Now I have to wait a whole year before I find out what happens.

VH1 (which is not known for scripted dramas) has a great new show this season called "Single Ladies". Starting Stacy Dash, for anyone who doesn't know who she is, she stared in "Clueless" the movie and TV show as "Cher". I read something online how she is in her 40s and still looks AMAZING! I hope to look that good in my 40s. Anywho, back to the show, its about three best friends in Atlanta. Stacy Dash owns a fabulous clothing boutique and tons of famous people shop at her store. They have great guest stars appearing every week, this week they had TO, can we say yummie! The show has to deal with her and her friends trying to deal with ex's, past friendships and finding love in the city. They aren't so lucky, at least for now. The show has only been on a handful of weeks and I am so obsessed.

Lastly, on ABC Family is "Switched at Birth". This show deals with two families who had their babies switched at birth by the hospital. One family is pretty well off with a daughter who is slightly rebellious. Since finding out she was switched at birth she is trying to find out about her "real" father, while the parents she has grown up with are having issues with wanting to be close to their "real" daughter, who is raised by a single mother and her grandmother and live in the inner city.

Oh and the big plot line is that the girl who is being raised by her "mother and grandmother" is deaf. I think its so great that they are showing this aspect of society. There haven't been a lot of shows that have to deal with deaf people. It amazes me how difficult it must be for deaf people living in a society with hearing people who probably don't think twice about the challenges that face deaf people.

I really wish there wasn't so many great shows going on in the summer. I need to be outside and doing fun things with fun people. Instead my TIVO has me glued to it. I am slowly getting better and not watching as many shows as I have in the past. I am working on not being a couch potato.
There will (probably) be more TV blog(s) later this week. Happy Tuesday Friends!

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