My current obessions

I have so many things I am currently obsessed with. I thought I would share my current obsessions so days, months, and years from now I can laugh at my obsessions.

Current Food Obsession: Breakfast food for dinner. I love being an adult so you can make that whenever you want! My favorite is eggs with cheese, onion and green pepper. Some turkey sausage and hash browns with sour cream and cheese. OMG YUMMM!

Current Book Obsession: Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong by James Loewen

Current Personal Obsession: Michelle Bachmann, I love her! I think she has a lot of good views on lots of things and people need to take note and listen.

Current Annoyance Obsession: Minnesota Governor ( or sorry excuse for a Governor) Mark Dayton, the State will shutdown at 12am on July 1st if he can't get his shit together and learn to put his issues aside and learn to agree with what the people want he is going to close down so many things that will affect so many people. The lottery will be closed, the horse races at Canterbury Park will be closed, people won't be able to take their drivers licenses tests, thousands of people young, old and in between will lose health care services, disabled adults will lose their funding for PCA's and group homes. This is stuff they have to look forward to each day. This just breaks my heart. I hope things get figured out in the next four days.

Current TV Obsession: Single Ladies on VH1. I blogged about it previously and can't get enough of it! I recently watched a Biography channel show on Beverly Hills, 90210. I can't wait to watch it all over again from the beginning. I know its so 12 year old girl of me, but growing up in the 90's it was our Brady Bunch or Leave it to Beaver.

Current Music Obsession: I am going to the Britney Spears concert next Wednesday in St. Paul, so I've been listening to her new CD Femme Fatal for a couple weeks now. And I can't forget about my love, country music. So many artist are realeasing new CD's later this summer. My favorites are Luke Bryan, Eli Young Band, and Davil Nail. I'm so excited.

What are your current obessions or full time obessions? I would be curious to hear them. Thanks in advance for sharing :)

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  1. Hi JJ! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Wow so many great things in your post, where to start! I LOVE BREAKFAST FOR DINNER!!! woo! Those hashbrowns looks dreamy. Secondly, that books sounds like something I would really really like, since I have a masters in American History. ;)) Third, I agree Bachmann is super interesting. I just watched her debate and defend herself against being called a flake. She's fierce, even if I'm still forgiving her for her lack of basic history knowledge. :)))) xoxo, Cat@BudgetBlonde


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