Movie Monday

One of my most favorite things in the world is MOVIES!!!! Growing up my first job was at Blockbuster Video, when I was 17. You had to be 17 to work there because of the "R" rated movies you had to be 17 to watch. So one month after my 17th birthday a Blockbuster just happened to open in Golden Valley (my hometown). I went and applied and got the job. YAY! When working there you would get five free rentals a week, which I have to say was AWESOME!

Four years later I decided I had enough of the corporate world, started college and became a nanny. Last year, I decided to apply for a part-time job, sure enough Blockbuster seemed like a great place. The store that I had been renting from for a couple years just happened to be managed by someone I had trained in when I was a Store Manager at Blockbuster, how funny!

Thankfully not much had changed other than the movie format from VHS to DVD, and you now received 10 free movies a week. I couldn't say no. That really fed my movie addiction. I get so excited for new movie Tuesday (when new releases come out) or Fridays when new movies hit the theaters. Needless to say I LOVE MOVIES! Ha! Now I am very thankful I got out when I did. Most of the Blockbuster Videos in the Twin Cities have closed. You can still do the on-line rentals, but I like to walk into the video store and pick out my flick.

This weekend was great I had two date nights with Ry-guy. I love when we get go go out together. He works at a bar and hardly gets weekend nights off, its always nice when he does :)
Friday night we set out to grab some din din and hit up the cinema. I love calling it the cinema, it's kind of old school.

We finally saw Hangover 2, everyone else in the world I think had already seen it. It was really funny, it's pretty much the same movie as the first one, just set in Thailand. I didn't care. I got tons of good laughs and decided Ryan will NEVER have a bachelor party in Vegas or Thailand, if at all. Ha. I kid, I kid.

I am a total nerd sometimes, and I grew up loving the X-Men series of movies. So when I heard they were making a prequel to X-Men I had to see it. I had wanted to see it a couple week ago, when it first came out, we just got busy with life, etc. Sunday night after Ryan's softball game we hit up the cinema yet again to see X-Men First Class. I LOVED IT! it was so much more than I had expected. The reviews on this movie were great, sometimes I get skeptical if the reviews are great. This movie tied everything in together from all the other movies. If you haven't seen the other movies I would watch them first, then watch this film. Ryan had a hard time with it at first because of this.

The only bummer of the movie was January Jones, I normally like her work. I loved her in Unknown, and Mad Men. She is so pretty in Mad Men as Betty Draper. This movie I think she looked washed up. She had platinum blonde hair and some ishy looking face make up. Ryan however enjoyed her looks much more in this movie. I guess we agree to disagree. Back to the movie, it had great actors, great story line and of course towards the end of the film tons of action. I think the best part was the two actor cameos, I won't say who it was in case you still plan to see the film. I can't wait for another X-Men film to come out.

Some more great movies come out this week, Bad Teacher and Cars 2. I can't wait to see them.

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