Another one bites the dust, off my bucket list!

Last night I ended up going to my first concert at the Minnesota Zoo Amphitheater. It was so amazing. It made me think of how amazing a concert at Red Rock would be. EEP. That is on the bucket list as well.

Anywho, the show was Jack's Mannequin. I love, love, love, love this band. Andrew McMahon is the lead singer. He used to be in the band Something Corporate, but left to start a (semi) solo project. I discovered their songs on the TV show One Tree Hill, a long time ago. (don't judge-ha)

I've seen Jack's a couple times and loved them each and every time. My friend Rachel who also enjoys the band and I decided to go (along with her super cute and fun twin sisters). She is an amazing buddy and so fun to go to concerts with. She also has really good luck when it comes to meeting celebrities. So I woke up the day thinking wouldn't it be cool if we got to meet Andrew. I was just so excited to get the day started. The weather was a lovely day, low humidity and heat, just perfect. When you buy the tickets to the show you have the chance to visit the zoo for two hours before it shuts down, so that's what we did!

We saw the tigers, bears, monkeys, otters, prairie dogs and my favorite the spotted leopard.

Day was just getting better. As we were leaving the tiger exhibt I started walking and sure enough this guy who looked like Andrew was walking toward me. OMG BREATHE! I wasn't sure if it was him or not so I kinda kept walking by, sure enough Rach grabbed my arm and said "Jen, its him", I freaked out so bad. He was talking to some other fans at that time so I wasn't going to rush up to him and ask him for a picture. So I waited my turn, I felt like he knew we knew who he was. He started to walk by us slowly and I had figured on Rach saying something to him about getting a picture or saying "hi" she totally chickened out (sorry Rach) as he is almost completely past me I get up the courage to ask him "can we take a picture with you?" of course being the cool dude he is he said "YES!"

After the pic was taking we all started telling him how awesome it was to meet him, and how much we loved him and his music. He was totally cool about it, (like I thought he would be) not stuck up about it all. He told us how excited he was to play at the zoo, he'd never done that before and how great it was to meet US! EEPPPP. It made a great day even better.

Thanks Rachel, Carrie and Amanda for sharing this experience with me. Now just 99 things left to do before I die. Better get started :)

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  1. Sooo lucky you got to see Jack's Mannequin! I loved Something Corporate too.. i think it's his voice that gets me ;)

    xo katie elizabeth


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