Another one bites the dust, off my bucket list!

Last night I ended up going to my first concert at the Minnesota Zoo Amphitheater. It was so amazing. It made me think of how amazing a concert at Red Rock would be. EEP. That is on the bucket list as well.

Anywho, the show was Jack's Mannequin. I love, love, love, love this band. Andrew McMahon is the lead singer. He used to be in the band Something Corporate, but left to start a (semi) solo project. I discovered their songs on the TV show One Tree Hill, a long time ago. (don't judge-ha)

I've seen Jack's a couple times and loved them each and every time. My friend Rachel who also enjoys the band and I decided to go (along with her super cute and fun twin sisters). She is an amazing buddy and so fun to go to concerts with. She also has really good luck when it comes to meeting celebrities. So I woke up the day thinking wouldn't it be cool if we got to meet Andrew. I was just so excited to get the day started. The weather was a lovely day, low humidity and heat, just perfect. When you buy the tickets to the show you have the chance to visit the zoo for two hours before it shuts down, so that's what we did!

We saw the tigers, bears, monkeys, otters, prairie dogs and my favorite the spotted leopard.

Day was just getting better. As we were leaving the tiger exhibt I started walking and sure enough this guy who looked like Andrew was walking toward me. OMG BREATHE! I wasn't sure if it was him or not so I kinda kept walking by, sure enough Rach grabbed my arm and said "Jen, its him", I freaked out so bad. He was talking to some other fans at that time so I wasn't going to rush up to him and ask him for a picture. So I waited my turn, I felt like he knew we knew who he was. He started to walk by us slowly and I had figured on Rach saying something to him about getting a picture or saying "hi" she totally chickened out (sorry Rach) as he is almost completely past me I get up the courage to ask him "can we take a picture with you?" of course being the cool dude he is he said "YES!"

After the pic was taking we all started telling him how awesome it was to meet him, and how much we loved him and his music. He was totally cool about it, (like I thought he would be) not stuck up about it all. He told us how excited he was to play at the zoo, he'd never done that before and how great it was to meet US! EEPPPP. It made a great day even better.

Thanks Rachel, Carrie and Amanda for sharing this experience with me. Now just 99 things left to do before I die. Better get started :)


My current obessions

I have so many things I am currently obsessed with. I thought I would share my current obsessions so days, months, and years from now I can laugh at my obsessions.

Current Food Obsession: Breakfast food for dinner. I love being an adult so you can make that whenever you want! My favorite is eggs with cheese, onion and green pepper. Some turkey sausage and hash browns with sour cream and cheese. OMG YUMMM!

Current Book Obsession: Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong by James Loewen

Current Personal Obsession: Michelle Bachmann, I love her! I think she has a lot of good views on lots of things and people need to take note and listen.

Current Annoyance Obsession: Minnesota Governor ( or sorry excuse for a Governor) Mark Dayton, the State will shutdown at 12am on July 1st if he can't get his shit together and learn to put his issues aside and learn to agree with what the people want he is going to close down so many things that will affect so many people. The lottery will be closed, the horse races at Canterbury Park will be closed, people won't be able to take their drivers licenses tests, thousands of people young, old and in between will lose health care services, disabled adults will lose their funding for PCA's and group homes. This is stuff they have to look forward to each day. This just breaks my heart. I hope things get figured out in the next four days.

Current TV Obsession: Single Ladies on VH1. I blogged about it previously and can't get enough of it! I recently watched a Biography channel show on Beverly Hills, 90210. I can't wait to watch it all over again from the beginning. I know its so 12 year old girl of me, but growing up in the 90's it was our Brady Bunch or Leave it to Beaver.

Current Music Obsession: I am going to the Britney Spears concert next Wednesday in St. Paul, so I've been listening to her new CD Femme Fatal for a couple weeks now. And I can't forget about my love, country music. So many artist are realeasing new CD's later this summer. My favorites are Luke Bryan, Eli Young Band, and Davil Nail. I'm so excited.

What are your current obessions or full time obessions? I would be curious to hear them. Thanks in advance for sharing :)


Where is Dexter's dad?

Today I came home from doing the remodel at my mother's house and the neighbor kids stopped me. I hadn't seen them in a while, since we have been so busy. They really love hanging out with Dexter ( or as they call him "Debster"), they chase him, he chases them, they throw a tennis ball to him and other things kids do with dogs. Usually Ry is with me when I see the kids, tonight he was busy at work. Of course they had to ask me "where Debster's dad was at?" I told them he was busy at work, then they had to ask "why wasn't I at work?", seeing as I'm unemployed I didn't want to say that, so I told them " I had to stay at home and take care of Dexter", they then told me that "their mom works and stays at home with them". OUCH! I seriously had nothing more I could say. Seriously kids really do say the darn-est things.

We have been so busy with stuff going on, trying to get our place packed up and orgaznized, trying to do a garage organization at my mom's house, build a patio and a fence, and make her craft room all pretty so she has something do to when she isn't missing me dearly while we're in Missouri.

Last week I had so much going on with friends, which is great, since I am trying to see everyone before I am gone.

Tuesday night Miss Gina and I went to the Taylor Swift concert. I had seen her live back last year and she wasn't so great. Thankfully, this time around she was WONDERFUL! I was so impressed with her live vocal singing, even if I did spend some of the time wondering if she had been lip synching or something. Needless to say she wasn't and the concert was full of set changes, costume changes, and she came and sang right up by us. We paid a lot for the tickets and we defiantly got our moneys worth.

Wednesday night I was able to have a "puppy play date" with Alexis and her dogs, Remy, Roxy and Aries. Dexter LOVED IT! he had so much fun being over there. He got to see his first bunny. He wasn't so sure about the bunny. HA!

I also got to enjoy some cocktails with my favorite former co-workers from OATI, Alexis, Laura, Nilsia, and Amanda. I miss those girls so much. We had a blast watching youtube videos, music videos and talking.

And so the busy week continued, we didn't stop doing stuff over at my mom's last week, even with all the evening activities. I was so exhasted when Friday came around I wanted to just stay at home and hang out with my boys, but that wasn't going to happen. We had Ry's best -friend Mike's surprise party. Mike has been one of Ryan's friends since middle school, I think. We actually met since Mike dated one of my friends for a couple years. They kinda set us up. I like to think it was all because of Facebook, I will save that story for another posting.

Anywho, his new girlfriend an awesome girl named Stacy, had a wonderful surprise party in the works for him seeing as that it was his "golden birthday". With Ryan working so much lately at my mom's and the bar it was great for him to kick up his feet and relax with his friends. I haven't really met a lot of his friends because we never get to see them, since he was always working. The party was out in Waconia, where the guys grew up. Mike really loves baseball and it was all basebally themed. Very cute. We were even asked to wear our best Baseball attire.

The food was so great, stuff you would find at the ball park. Hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, beer, cracker jacks. It was all so good. The birthday cake was super cute with baseball themed cupcakes to go with.

Finally Ryan was having a great time with his friends. The night was a success! Stacy did a great job at planning the party, we were thankful for the invite.

Another full week of fun is coming up, I have the Jack's Mannequin concert tomorrow night. and catching up with some other friends this week before we leave Friday morning for Milwaukee!!!! This will be the first "vacay" Ryan and I have taken together. eep so excited! Sad that Dex isn't going along. Hopefully I will be better this week at blogging.


TV Tuesday Roundup

For most people Mondays are back to the grind of work, etc. Most people probably don't get as excited about Mondays as I do. My Monday nights are packed with great TV shows.

One of my most favorite shows is "Hoarders". I am so fascinated by these people. I don't understand what they are thinking by keeping old newspaper clippings, or 100 animals. Tonight was the season premiere and very sad. This episode had to do with older women who one hoarded dolls, and the other hoarded trash. They both had no heat in their house, one had no running water or indoor plumbing. Just awful to know that some people in the United States live like this. I have never wished that I could help these people as much as I did tonight. I might not be able to watch this show anymore. It is starting to affect me. ugh. I feel drained just by watching this show tonight.

After watching that show and feeling so drained by it, I decided to watch the season finale of "Nurse Jackie" with Edie Falco. I just love this show. If you haven't seen it you must. This is now the third season and they have been picked up for a forth season. YES!!!! Edie Falco plays a nurse who is addicted to pain killers and is cheating on her husband with the pharmacist at the hospital she works at. Being the season finale there was a big cliffhanger, I thought I knew what it was going to be and sure enough, I was right. Jackie's husband was cheating on her! She thought all along he was going to come to her and tell her he know about her affair. Oh side note, the pharmacist she was having the affair with became friends with her husband. Talk about messy. Now I have to wait a whole year before I find out what happens.

VH1 (which is not known for scripted dramas) has a great new show this season called "Single Ladies". Starting Stacy Dash, for anyone who doesn't know who she is, she stared in "Clueless" the movie and TV show as "Cher". I read something online how she is in her 40s and still looks AMAZING! I hope to look that good in my 40s. Anywho, back to the show, its about three best friends in Atlanta. Stacy Dash owns a fabulous clothing boutique and tons of famous people shop at her store. They have great guest stars appearing every week, this week they had TO, can we say yummie! The show has to deal with her and her friends trying to deal with ex's, past friendships and finding love in the city. They aren't so lucky, at least for now. The show has only been on a handful of weeks and I am so obsessed.

Lastly, on ABC Family is "Switched at Birth". This show deals with two families who had their babies switched at birth by the hospital. One family is pretty well off with a daughter who is slightly rebellious. Since finding out she was switched at birth she is trying to find out about her "real" father, while the parents she has grown up with are having issues with wanting to be close to their "real" daughter, who is raised by a single mother and her grandmother and live in the inner city.

Oh and the big plot line is that the girl who is being raised by her "mother and grandmother" is deaf. I think its so great that they are showing this aspect of society. There haven't been a lot of shows that have to deal with deaf people. It amazes me how difficult it must be for deaf people living in a society with hearing people who probably don't think twice about the challenges that face deaf people.

I really wish there wasn't so many great shows going on in the summer. I need to be outside and doing fun things with fun people. Instead my TIVO has me glued to it. I am slowly getting better and not watching as many shows as I have in the past. I am working on not being a couch potato.
There will (probably) be more TV blog(s) later this week. Happy Tuesday Friends!


Movie Monday

One of my most favorite things in the world is MOVIES!!!! Growing up my first job was at Blockbuster Video, when I was 17. You had to be 17 to work there because of the "R" rated movies you had to be 17 to watch. So one month after my 17th birthday a Blockbuster just happened to open in Golden Valley (my hometown). I went and applied and got the job. YAY! When working there you would get five free rentals a week, which I have to say was AWESOME!

Four years later I decided I had enough of the corporate world, started college and became a nanny. Last year, I decided to apply for a part-time job, sure enough Blockbuster seemed like a great place. The store that I had been renting from for a couple years just happened to be managed by someone I had trained in when I was a Store Manager at Blockbuster, how funny!

Thankfully not much had changed other than the movie format from VHS to DVD, and you now received 10 free movies a week. I couldn't say no. That really fed my movie addiction. I get so excited for new movie Tuesday (when new releases come out) or Fridays when new movies hit the theaters. Needless to say I LOVE MOVIES! Ha! Now I am very thankful I got out when I did. Most of the Blockbuster Videos in the Twin Cities have closed. You can still do the on-line rentals, but I like to walk into the video store and pick out my flick.

This weekend was great I had two date nights with Ry-guy. I love when we get go go out together. He works at a bar and hardly gets weekend nights off, its always nice when he does :)
Friday night we set out to grab some din din and hit up the cinema. I love calling it the cinema, it's kind of old school.

We finally saw Hangover 2, everyone else in the world I think had already seen it. It was really funny, it's pretty much the same movie as the first one, just set in Thailand. I didn't care. I got tons of good laughs and decided Ryan will NEVER have a bachelor party in Vegas or Thailand, if at all. Ha. I kid, I kid.

I am a total nerd sometimes, and I grew up loving the X-Men series of movies. So when I heard they were making a prequel to X-Men I had to see it. I had wanted to see it a couple week ago, when it first came out, we just got busy with life, etc. Sunday night after Ryan's softball game we hit up the cinema yet again to see X-Men First Class. I LOVED IT! it was so much more than I had expected. The reviews on this movie were great, sometimes I get skeptical if the reviews are great. This movie tied everything in together from all the other movies. If you haven't seen the other movies I would watch them first, then watch this film. Ryan had a hard time with it at first because of this.

The only bummer of the movie was January Jones, I normally like her work. I loved her in Unknown, and Mad Men. She is so pretty in Mad Men as Betty Draper. This movie I think she looked washed up. She had platinum blonde hair and some ishy looking face make up. Ryan however enjoyed her looks much more in this movie. I guess we agree to disagree. Back to the movie, it had great actors, great story line and of course towards the end of the film tons of action. I think the best part was the two actor cameos, I won't say who it was in case you still plan to see the film. I can't wait for another X-Men film to come out.

Some more great movies come out this week, Bad Teacher and Cars 2. I can't wait to see them.


"Why did you name your dog after a (fictional) serial killer?"

So today is Father's day, this holiday doesn't mean too much to me, since my father wasn't really in my life and he has since passed away. I always wanted to have a great relationship with my dad it just never worked out.

For now I settle with the relationship that Ryan and Dexter have. Ryan is such a proud Papa when it comes to Dexter, he really loves that little guy. Even though when we first met he said "a dog under 20lbs, doesn't really count as a dog". Since then his feeling on Dexter have changed A LOT. He really is such a good puppy Papa.

Being a good puppy Papa would make for an amazing dad. Even though we are not sure yet if we want to have babies I love the idea of him being their dad.

This picture is kind of one of my favorites of the little guy. Ryan is a HUGE Minnesota Twins fan and Dexter is his little guy, its just a perfect picture!
Thankfully, (for some people) the Twins are back on track just a couple weeks ago they were the worst team in baseball and 20 games back from .500. They are now just eight games back from being the top team in the division and I think about six games back from .500.

I am not a huge Twins fan, I prefer to cheer for the Boston RedSoxs. Ryan doesn't seem to enjoy this very much. I became a RedSoxs fan back several years ago when they would always lose the the Yankees in the American League Championship game. It was such a bummer to see them do so well and throw it all away.

I also enjoyed looking at Doug Mientkiewicz, he was a Twins player who was traded to the RedSoxs in July 2004.

I really became a fan of Boston then. Boston is now the leading team in the East (which I love).