frumpy to fabulous | My Camille Albane Experience

Last week I shared with you the great time I had at the Camille Albane Salon Grand Opening in Maple Grove. This week I'm back to tell you about a wonderful experience I had at the salon. 
I mentioned in the previous post that I was really excited to try the bayalage hair technique. After talking with a stylist at the salon about the more natural look of baylage I wanted in. Lucky for us we were invited back for a night of salon fun.  

When we arrived at the salon this time around it was so peaceful. Just the stylists, Meg, and the cheerful receptionist. I was excited to be back in the fresh, clean environment. 

My stylist for the evening was Barika. Barika showed me around the salon again. She into more detail about the Camille Albane product line, and the Loreal salon products they carry. 

Next up was my time to get fabulous.  Barika brought me to her chair, and had me put on a nice white robe. Way better than the black capes most salons uses. She started asking me what I was looking for. I told her I wanted to freshen up my look. I was in dier need of a color. It had been several months since my last color. So long in fact I couldn't remember the last time anything was done to my mane. I always feel better about myself with my hair lookin fresh.  I had searched around the web the day before and found this photo. 

Pretty sure that LC has the best hair out there.

To achieve the look I wanted Barika first colored the ends of my hair blonde. After the blonde was done processing she went back over with an all over color. It was nice not to have my hair pulled in every direction and hear the crinkle of the foil. After the all over color was applied she toned the color.

Look ma no foils!

After everything had set I got to test out the massaging chairs. I didn't want to get up after being in the chair. It was pure bliss! 

Meg enjoying her time in the massaging chair.

 I couldn't wait to see how Meg's hair turned out. I don't know if I was more excited for her or me. 

ta da!


Once Barika was done with the color, cut, and style, she touched up my make up. Camille Albane offers complimentary make up touch up before they send you on your way. I loved being able to walk out of the salon with my hair and make-up done. We were ready to hit the town! Until we remembered it was a Tuesday and we both had to work the next day. 

Our finished looks

Thanks Camille Albane, Barika,and everyone involved for this wonderful experience!

I've been using the shampoo (the red bottle the salon provided us) for about a week now and my hair has never felt better. I can't wait to go back!

Camille Albane offers a variety of services. You can find out more about their services and prices here

Or call the salon directly at 763-316-6957.

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Camille Albane Salon Grand Opening

A few weeks ago Zhenya posted in the Minnesota Bloggers Facebook page about a new salon opening in Maple Grove. I was curious to learn more about this salon once I heard this would be the first U.S salon. Camille Albane first started in France. The now have over 300 salons in 11 countries. 

I met up with Shelby before the salon opening for some happy hour action. After we filled out bellies we were off to Maple Grove to experience all things Camille Albane. When I first walked into the salon I notice how fresh, clean, and simple it looked.

It's nice to walk into a salon that doesn't look dark and dingy. Camille Albane was already winning points in my book.

 We were greeted with some wine and champagne. 

Next stop the wash stations. These chairs are massaging chairs. 
Of course we had to test them out. AMAZING! If there wasn't other people waiting to try out the chairs I 
would have stayed there all night. 

Meg trying out the massaging chairs.

We had a chance to talk to some of the stylists about their training and about "bayalage".  I was very interested to learn about their hair coloring process since they don't "foil" hair. The bayalage coloring technique is when the stylists paint you hair. Yup, you read that right. No hair foils. I  couldn't seem to wrap my head around this. I've always been one to change my hair color all the time with highlights and lowlights using foils. I can't wait to try out bayalage!

Shelby was very excited to receive a manicure with Tina.

Zhenya  receiving a make up touch up with Barika.

On our way our we were provided swag bags with a 20% off your first time visit. Email me if you'd like a 20% of your first visit card. I would love to share with you so you can experience the salon. 

Call 763-316-6957 to book your appointment with Camille Albane.

We all had a great time at Camille Alabane! A big thank you to all the staff who made this a great experience.

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I will never.....

I will never have to fight for the sink with you. I will be able to brush my teeth without having you try to jump back in the sink 30 times. 

I will never be woken up by your sandpaper tongue looking for food at 3 AM.

I will never gag (and almost throw up) from the smell of your (wet) cat food. 

I will never have to come and get you from the porch when we turn the AC on, and you meow bloody murder because I make you come inside. 

I will never have to lug the heavy boxes of cat litter up all those stairs. 

I will never have to tell Dexter Morgan to leave you alone, and stop picking on you. 

I will never have to fight for my pillow before bed. Or sleep without a pillow at night because you look so darn cute and I don't want to move you. 

I will never be able to give you a bath anymore, and brag to people how much you love baths. 

I will never have to worry about having cat hair all over my clothes when I leave for work. 

I will never have to worry about my flowers being eaten and destroyed by you. 

I will never have you crawl up into my arms and snuggle in during movie time. 

I will never forget you. 

Its been less than 24 hours since you're gone and I've hated every minute of it. I'm so lucky I had you around for 15 years. I'm glad you and Tiger will be together again. #allkittysgotoheaven

We buried Slyvester (Tayo) at the farm last night. In two weeks we will bring a tree back to plant over his grave. Ryan would like to plant an apple tree-so every year we can bake a pie and celebrate/remember Tay. 

RIP little guy.

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